Small to Medium retail applications

Petrol stations, high street retailers, specialist shops, pharmacies, convenience stores

Small to medium-sized retail companies usually have limited security budgets and can find it difficult to invest in electronic systems to cover all aspects of their business. However, through a combination of physical measures and carefully selected electronic security equipment, it is possible for smaller retailers to cost-effectively increase the protection of stock, staff, customers, takings and premises.

The security systems from Siemens can help small retailers: reduce “blind” spots with careful positioning of video cameras; restrict access to stock and cash with stand-alone access control; clamp down on register theft by active video monitoring of all till activities; gather high quality video evidence for prosecution; and even reduce insurance costs by reducing the level of insurance claims.

Measurable return on investment through:

  • First level of interoperability for small outlets
    - Higher security with fixed budget

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platform

  • Reduced shrinkage and shoplifting
    - Fully monitored tills and stock rooms
    - Elimination of blind spots

  • Faster verification  and response to alarms
    - Minimise losses and damages
    - Minimise unnecessary intervention costs

  • Improved overall security of premises
    - Reduced claims can lead to reduced insurance premiums