Retail Security - effective loss prevention through multi-layered security

Small to Medium Retail Businesses

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Small to medium sized retailers usually have limited budgets, but choosing the right security products can help them benefit from a first level of interoperability and centralised event management. For increased all round shop security and reduced shrinkage.

  • Petrol stations

  • High street retailers

  • Specialist shops / pharmacies

  • Convenience stores

Large to Enterprise Retail Businesses

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Large retailers face the challenge of securing and monitoring larger areas and over multiple locations,
often resulting in the requirement for central monitoring, either self-managed or outsourced, and a high level of interoperability between the access control, video surveillance and intrusion systems.

  • Shopping centres

  • Airports' shop-in-shop

  • National supermarket chains

  • City centre shopping areas

Medium to Large Retail Businesses

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Interoperable security systems from Siemens offer medium to large-sized retailers the opportunity to increase operational efficiency and  reduce losses, thereby improving their overall competitiveness.

  • Supermarkets

  • Department stores

  • DIY shops

  • Car dealerships