Medium to Large retail applications

Supermarkets, department stores, DIY shops, car dealerships

Security systems from Siemens offer medium to large-sized retailers the opportunity to achieve greater competitiveness by reducing shrinkage and improving operational efficiency.
Interoperable access control, intruder alarm and video surveillance systems can build upon existing IT and security systems to provide central management of all the security functionality, on-site or remotely via a CMS. The overall security is greatly improved during business hours, with trackable and easily investigated suspicious activites and full monitoring of vulnerable areas. Out-of-hours, better perimeter protection and more versatile alarm activation and verification mean the business - and staff - remain safe.

Measurable return on investment through:

  • Greater competitiveness
    - Reduced losses
    - Increased operational efficiency
    - Enhanced customer experience

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platform
    - Integration into existing IT environment

  • Improved overall security of premises
    - Reduced “slip & fall” claims can also lead to reduced insurance premiums

  • Reduced shrinkage and shoplifting
    - Fully monitored tills and stock rooms
    - Back up with POS data mining packages

  • Central and remote management (own or outsourced)
    - Faster verification / response to alarms
    - Minimise losses and intervention costs