Large to Enterprise retail applications

Shopping centres, airports’ shop-in-shop, national supermarket chains, city centre shopping areas/ redevelopments

Large retailers face the challenge of securing and monitoring larger areas, over multiple locations, often resulting in the requirement for central monitoring, either self-managed or outsourced.
Interoperable access control, video surveillance and intruder alarm systems with centralised and remote monitoring therefore come into their own for large retail organisations, enabling them to implement anti-theft measures and procedures across all areas and locations: as security threat profiles and trends are more easily identified and gathered through centralised monitoring, staff can be better trained on identifying suspicious activities. Interoperable security systems also have the added benefits of bringing with them the possibility of ‘best-practice’ sharing, economical use of resources and even monitoring of marketing campaigns. For a truly positive impact on the bottom line.

Measurable return on investment through: 

  • High security without impact on accessibility
    - Transparent and safe to the legitimate user
    - No hinderance to day-to-day business

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platform

  • Migration options from existing deployed technology
    - Manage implementation costs

  • Speed of response to alarm / emergency situations
    - Minimise down time
    - Minimise damages and losses

  • Central & remote monitoring of wide areas
    - Campus wide control minimise security staffing levels

  • Improved overall operations
    - Real-time adjustment of staffing levels (tills, check-outs)
    - Better identification of training gaps
    - Continous improvement with best practice sharing
    - Opportunity to follow up merchandising campaigns