Unmanned petrol station

Constant supervision of customers and facilities

Security systems from Siemens offers owners of unmanned petrol station a great deal of control and supervision. 
Interoperable access control, intruder alarm and video surveillance systems can build upon existing IT and security systems to provide central management of all the security functionality remotely via a central monitoring station (CMS). The overall security is greatly improved providing customers with a sense of security when filling up at the unmanned stations and also providing an eye on the facility and its status at all times. 

Measurable return on investment through:

  • Enhanced supervision
    - Providing customers with a greater sense of security
    - Premptive approach to maintanance
    - Enhanced customer experience with two way communication

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platform
    - Integration into existing IT environment

  • Improved overall security of premises
    - Constant monitoring and alarm notification of an event ensures that all problems are detected and acted upon quickly. 

  • Reduced maintenance cost
    - Fully monitored stations allow you to know what needs to be fixed prior to dispatching the service team, reducing the number of trips the service team needs to make.
    - No need to physically inspect stations since this can be done from a central point.

  • Central and remote management (own or outsourced)
    - Faster verification / response to alarms
    - Minimise losses and intervention costs