Petrol station security - protect your business

Manned petrol station

Manned petrol station

Most manned petrol stations today function just as much as a local convenience store, which accordingly brings along the additional security requirements of that market. The pumps have to be constantly monitored recording all activities and providing irrefutable evidence in the event of a crime. Additionally all the activities in the store have to be monitored just like any other commercial store, ensuring that employees and customers are kept safe at all times. Siemens offers an all encompassing security system to protect your establishment.

  • Video surveillance of pumps and store

  • Intrusion alarms securing the facility at off hours  

  • Access control securing all entry points and facilitating deliveries

  • Security system offers easy search of events

Unmanned petrol station

Unmanned petrol station

Unmanned petrol stations are growing in popularity largely to the fact that they provide petrol at reduced prices. However not having a person keeping an eye on the customers or the station changes the security requirements. The customers need to feel safe when filling up and any vandalism to the station has to be quickly identified. Siemens provides an all encompassing security system that can constantly monitor multiple petrol stations from a central location, ensuring the customers and stations well being at all times.

  • Video surveillance of the station at all times

  • Customers are only a push button away if assistance is needed

  • Pumps and pay terminals are constantly monitored

  • One central monitoring point for multiple stations