Video Surveillance

Manned petrol station

Petrol stations, high street retailers, specialist shops, pharmacies, convenience stores

Small to medium retail applications - Video Surveillance

System example:

  • SISTORE AX- SISTORE AX is specifically designed for this area of the market, with up to 16 cameras able to be connected. All models offer an integral front panel keyboard for local control, however remote network connection is also possible via the included RAS network-viewing software.

  • Cameras - High resolution models ensure detailed information is captured, with quick and easy setup via DIP switches.

  • Fixed Domes - These are usually placed in the corners for monitoring the complete area.  Models can be fixed focal length for the most cost-effective solution, to models offering varifocal length lenses ensuring the most flexibility during installation.


  • Eliminate blind spots with strategically positioned domes and cameras at entrance, till, and out-of-view areas

  • Proactive theft deterrent with public video display on TFT monitors

  • Entry level audio and video recording for later review and evidence gathering

  • Compact, low maintenance system for reduced installation and services cost

  • Easy to use graphical interface requires limited training

  • Interface to POS system for event investigation or evidence gathering

  • Remote Access Software for live or recorded images viewing (over IP or ISDN/PSTN)

  • Automatic real-time recording on alarm