Intrusion Detection

Small to medium retail application

Petrol stations, high street retailers, specialist shops, pharmacies, convenience stores

Small to medium retail application - Intrusion Detection

System example:

  • Intrunet SI120- Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, the Intrunet SI120 system offers made-to-measure security with advanced detection technologies. The SI120 control panel delivers comprehensive and user-friendly security. The system includes audio and video alarm verification, remote or in-situ programming and activation via PC, as well as alarm and event transmission using common communication paths (e.g. PSTN, ISDN).

  • Detectors- Glass break detector (8.5m operating radius). EN50131 Grade 2 single and dual motion detectors.


  • Cost-effective motion detectors with high false alarm immunity and reliable alarm transmission

  • Full coverage of shop areas with versatile partition and calendar settings based on business requirements, e.g.:
    -  Stock rooms alarmed during business hours, set/unset via access keypad
    -  Alarm set on shop floor out-of-hours at pre-programmed time, with automatic recording on alarm

  • High system redundancy with IP/GSM backup for reliable alarm transmission to CMS

  • Alerts can be sent to mobile phone numbers

  • Silent alarms to safeguard staff against violent/panic reactions

  • Enables CMS audio / video verification by CMS for adequate response to alarms