The "Self-service" bank

Bank owned or sponsored ATMs, 24 hour ATM zones, ATM operator networks

In a bid to improve customer convenience and shift payment transactions to lower-cost channels, banks have become increasingly ‘self-service’ organisations, rolling out ATMs accessible 24/7 at branches or in “remote” areas (e.g. in the High Street, at petrol stations, supermarkets, transport terminals etc.). Indeed, not only have ATMs provided banks with a more cost-effective service delivery channel, but they are also a key channel through which banks can conduct powerful one-to-one marketing – this is reflected in the ATM numbers, estimated to go over the 2 million mark worldwide by 2011 (1), and with nearly half of them deployed in off-site locations.

The security systems from Siemens can help banks and independant ATM operators: protect ATM users at all times with video surveillance; reduce the risk of ATM fraud with seismic detectors against mechanical tampering; identify suspicious patterns across ATM networks with networked video surveillance and seismic detection; manage cash more efficiently by reducing the security risk burden; Optimise the chance of successful investigation and prosecution with event-driven video recording.

Measurable return on investment through:

  • First level of interoperability for "self-service channels"
    - Higher security within tight operational cost control

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platform facilitates ATM network expansion

  • Reduced losses to fraud and theft
    - Fully monitored ATMs with remote monitoring and bank transaction data back up
    - Reduced cash insurance claims, and potentially premiums

  • Faster verification and response to alarms
    - Minimise losses and damages to ATM machines, and therefore downtime
    - Minimise unnecessary intervention costs

  • Improved overall security of ATM banking
    - Safer ATM banking for legitimate users will promote repeat ATM use
    - Reduced security risks can help optimise ATM cash management