Video Surveillance

Large to enterprise retail applications

Shopping centres, airports’ shop-in-shop, national supermarket chains, city centre shopping areas/ redevelopments

Large to entreprise retail applications - Video Surveillance

System example:

  • SISTORE CX - SISTORE CX is an intelligent digital video codec (encoder and decoder) for video transmission and recording. Using the latest Siemens IT technology, it is particularly suited for   applications requiring video transmission or as video sensor in IP network installations. SISTORE CX provides excellent scalability and transparent communication using client stations located throughout the network. It can be used to build a “virtual video matrix”, providing video over IP streams for display on analogue output devices or PC-based software decoders.

  • Super High Resolution Cameras - Offering the highest detailed images for evidential use, the range of super high-resolution models are sure to impress.

  • Vandal Resistant Domes - For areas with the highest risk, either in- or outdoors, these IP66 vandal resistant domes can withstand a blow up to 1000 kg on the impact resistant polycarbonate-protective bubble.


  • Fully scalable system with advanced features
    - Site plan overview
    - Control of analogue and digital CCTV products 
    - Migration from analogue to digital 
    - CX MMI, Web-based remote control,
    - Embedded Hardware for longer lifetime and higher reliability

  • Global parameters
    - Alarm and event management
    - DVR control
    - Control via IVM and/or keyboard
    - Virtual "guard-tour”

  • Interoperable features
    - Data exchange with emergency services
    -Digital trigger inputs and control outputs
    - IP based alarm management
    - Match with POS system data for event investigation

  • Analytics
    - High quality outdoor video motion detection and tracking
    - Abandoned object detection