Intrusion Detection

Large to enterprise retail applications

Shopping centres, airports’ shop-in-shop, national supermarket chains, city centre shopping areas/ redevelopments

Large to enterprise retail applications - Intrusion Detection

System example:

  • Intrunet SI410 - SI410 forms the heart of easy-to-operate, modular and scable intrusion detection systems. Combined with the wide range of high performance Siemens detectors, sensors, audio or video components, the SI410 system delivers feature rich and reliable security. Sophisticated alarm verification processes ensure a high detection accuracy and unparalleled false alarm immunity. Easy system expansion is achieved through functional integration with DMS, and with video surveillance and access control systems from Siemens.

  • Detectors- Glass break detector (8.5m operating radius). EN50131 Grade 3 and Grade 4 dual motion detectors.


  • Sophisticated Technology
    - Siemens motion detectors deliver the highest detection rate with the best false alarm immunity
    - Ideal for environments with fast changing light or temperature conditions.   
    - Patented black mirror technology
    - Complex algorithms analyse data

  • Intelligent systems
    - Alarm actuation scenarios  ensure only specified sequences of events within a given time frame 
    - Audio and video verification devices linked to detectors in pre-defined verification zones

  • Interoperability options
    - Police response and intervention scenarios
    - SISTORE digital video surveillance systems, live remote viewing of cameras positioned in the alarm zone, automatic recording on alarm.
    - Alarm confirmation / verification, on site or remotely