The "Global" bank

National and global bank networks, data centres, bank headquarters, national gold reserves,
central bank hubs.

To achieve greater competitiveness on a national or even global level, banks need the flexibility to implement company-wide business models that will optimise their margin levels and turnover. Whilst channel diversification is a key success factor, the challenges this brings for banks are multi-fold – from consolidating payment channels whilst ensuring compliance across ever more complex networks of ATMs, branches, data centres and headquarters to promoting business intelligence sharing, and streamlining systems and processes.
Interoperable security systems support more efficient enterprise-wide risk management strategies (ERM), by enabling banks to reduce the complexity of their processes and systems, at the same time facilitating an enterprise view of security across entire networks.

Measurable return on investment through: 

  • High security without impact on accessibility
    - Transparent and safe to the legitimate user
    - No hinderance to day-to-day business

  • Long term upgrade and development strategy
    - Future proof technology platforms protect security investments
    - Certified security products will not compromise IT network integrity
    - Migration options from existing deployed technologies help manage implementation costs

  • Harmonised security concept across entire network
    - Speed of response to alarm / emergency situations
    - Improved incident recovery performance
    - Minimised damages and losses
    - Reduced security staffing levels with central and remote monitoring

  • Improved overall operations
    - Improved sales channels performance optimisation
    - Increased enterpise-wide compliance with data security standards
    - Flexible staff deployment across locations
    - Better identification of training gaps
    - Continous improvement with best practice sharing
    - Exchange of security and transaction related data across all bank channels