Banking Security - adding value through operational risk management

The "Self-service" bank

link to the self service bank

The “self-service” bank brings its own security challenges, with a dramatically increased pool of potential – and easier - targets for robberies, muggings, forced withdrawals or even ram raids…  Electronic security systems can help address these challenges, adding a useful layer of protection for the users, as well as at every step of the ATM management process.

  • Bank owned or sponsored standalone ATMs

  • 24 hour ATM zones

  • ATM operator networks 

The " Global" bank

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To achieve greater competitiveness on a national or even global level, banks need the flexibility to implement company-wide security strategies. Interoperable security systems can help reduce losses due to theft, fraud or business disruptions by promoting enterprise-wide security intelligence. They contribute to a safer banking environment for all, with a positive impact on compliance, operational performance and competitiveness.

  • National and global bank networks

  • Data centres / Bank headquarters

  • National gold reserves

  • Central Banks hubs

The "Retail" bank

link to the retail bank

Achieving the right balance between the security of customers and staff on the one hand, and convenience and competitiveness on the other, is the challenge facing the "retail bank" today. Electronic security can help compensate for the reduction in physical barriers in the branches' public areas by making it harder to gain access to sensitive assets or data. 

  • Local bank branches

  • Post offices

  • Currency exchanges