Siemens security systems offer medium to large businesses the opportunity to increase operational efficiency and competitiveness and reduce losses to theft

Every business faces a unique set of security challenges depending on its size and level of sophistication needed. Recognising this, we understand there is no single technology or “one size fits all” approach for every medium to large business and offer a full spectrum of applications which seamlessly integrate video surveillance, intrusion and access control.  Our typical mid to large business security system is designed for expansion and flexibility. We offer scalable security products and systems so the capacity for controlling access, detecting unauthorised intruders and monitoring CCTV cameras can be tailored to suit specific site requirements and address the challenges faced by businesses today: that of implementing cost-effective security which will not negatively impact the working environment.

Typical medium to large sized applications include:

  • Banks

  • Data centres

  • Government buildings

  • Hospitals

  • Supermarkets (town sized)

  • Large Commercial (e.g. offices, warehouses)

A typical example of a security system for a medium to large retail business includes:

From false “slip & fall” claims to access management, shoplifting to shrinkage or process management to customer satisfaction, medium to large business have a lot to think about when ensuring that their company runs efficiently and profitably. It is therefore essential that a reliable security system is in place to deter retail-related security issues and protect customers, co-workers and employees.Siemens systems build on existing IT and security infrastructure for cost-effectiveness, and will help manage the thousands of staff, customers, vendors and contractors requiring daily access to the premises. Site expansions and system upgrades are facilitated, whilst monitoring of entrances and stock areas, staff management, asset tracking and instant alarm response can be dramatically improved with the integration of CCTV, access control and Intruder detection systems. Managed both locally and remotely, the systems provide real-time monitoring of situations and can even act a powerful management tool by assisting your retail establishment in assessing traffic flow, customer purchasing behavior and improving staff training. Highlights:

  • Simplify fraud detection and investigation of suspicious transactions

  • Reduce internal cash theft with POS monitoring

  • Deter and reduce employee and customer theft with visible CCTV

  • Control and manage access to vulnerable areas with combined access control and CCTV

  • Improve after hours safety and premises protection with combined Access control, CCTV and Intrusion detection

  • Quicker return on investment and possibility to operate to a fixed budget for several years whilst upgrading to new technologies thanks to leasing

  • Systems are designed for expansion and flexibility

  • Provides indisputable documentation of an event that can support the prosecution case