Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Products & Systems Designed For Large To Enterprise Sized Applications

Typically applications at this level are monitored and the role of services such as the Police, plays vital importance.  As does the role of integration, as integrated security systems would typcially be the norm.  The work of security personnel is supported by highly developed, efficient and powerful products & systems – for video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection and fire safety  which discreetly and unobtrusively blend into the background and offer a secure environment and operation. Their interaction with one another are key to security of these applications, Siemens offers this completely.

Super High Resolution Cameras
Offering the highest detailed images for evidential use, the range of super high-resolution models are sure to impress.

Vandal Resistant Domes
For areas with the highest risk, either in- or outdoors, these IP66 vandal resistant domes can withstand a blow up to 1000 kg on the impact resistant polycarbonate-protective bubble.

Codec Recording
Whether the requirement is transmitting streaming MPEG4 SP/ASP video of the highest quality as fast as possible, or to build a system placing a unit in each office (no matter where it is in the world!) and send this back to a central control room, SISTORE CX is the only choice.  Advanced features include "video tunnelling"; the user interface presents cameras located on the network on one side of the screen and monitors on the other – it is simply a case of dragging a camera on top of a monitor and the video “tunnels” through the network in milli-seconds to present the streaming video on the monitor.

TFT / LCD Displays
Typically used to create "video-walls" for use in a control room, or for public display monitors, the range of security TFT displays offers features such as anti-glare security glass, metal framed and dedicated BNC inputs, as well as DVI connections.