Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Products & Systems Designed For Large To Enterprise Sized Applications

For large or complex organisations such as airports, museums or shopping centres, the implementation of tight security measures involves a focused strategy combined with an integrated security program. An effective intrusion detection system ought therefore to be modular and scalable so as to adapt to fast changing business requirements. It also needs to cater for a large number of visitors, staff and contractors, as well as multiple buildings, which are often miles away from each other: critical functionality includes the flexibility to SET/UNSET the alarm locally whilst allowing for central monitoring, the ease of identification of an alarm point of origin, and reliable alarm verification mechanisms prior to intervention to ensure adequate response is given.
The integration of access control, CCTV and intruder detection with centralised and remote monitoring and alarm verification comes into its own for those organisations, supporting the roll out of integrated security programs, and at the same time providing added benefits in terms of speed of intervention and best practice sharing. 

External motion detectors - the first line of defense
Perimeter surveillance is paramount for large or enterprise systems, providing the first line of defense against intruders. Siemens external motion detectors enable an alarm to be triggered as soon as intruders set foot on restricted outdoor areas, allowing for intervention to take place before access to critical areas or buidlings has been gained.

Sintony 410 intrusion system - for versatile and future-proof security 
The Sintony 410 panel is ideal for large or complex organisations looking to invest wisely in security and prepare for the future. Modular and scalable, it forms the heart of easy-to-operate, adaptable intruder detection systems. Combined with the wide range of Siemens detectors, sensors, audio or video components, Sintony 410 delivers feature rich and fail-safe security, to protect people, assets and property in the long term. Clever alarm verification processes ensure a high detection accuracy and unparalleled false alarm immunity. Versatile alarm transmission methods, as well as integration capability with Danger Management Stations, and Siemens SISTORE CCTV and SiPass Access Control systems allow for easy system expansion and functional integration. Sintony 410 also supports remote maintenance and alarm status verification, for cost-effective monitoring and speed of intervention.

Motion detectors for complex environments 
The range of Siemens internal motion detectors caters for environments from quiet (seldom of slow changes in temperatures, air draughts, etc) to harsh (fast or frequent changes). The range includes the award winning Eyetec dual motion detector featuring a unique Optical Detection System (ODS). Eyetec is also the only motion detector on the market with an antiblocking functionality which complies with EN50131-2 Grade 4. 
All Siemens motion detectors offer the highest detection rate and false alarm immunity, and will deliver a cost effective and adapted monitoring.