Interoperable Security for all Market Segments

Interoperable security

Siemens’ focus on interoperability demonstrates our understanding of the market requirements to move away from a product sector specific approach to one which looks at a security and/or safety requirement and identifies the mix of products from the various disciplines which can work together to deliver the required functionality for a given business environment.

  • Retail security

  • Petrol station security

  • Banking security

Interoperable Security for all System Sizes

Interoperable security systems for all sizes

At Siemens, we understand that the level of sophistication and functionality required in security systems is driven by the size of the business they cover. The scalable products and systems we offer interoperate seamlessly to provide cost effective security for applications of all sizes.

  • Entry level systems

  • Small to medium sized systems

  • Medium to large sized systems

  • Large to enterprise sized systems