Siveillance VMS components to complete your video management solution

The Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture and VMS Interconnect

The Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture

The Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture allows VMS 200 & VMS 300 systems to be connected in a parent (VMS 300)/child (VMS 200 or VMS 300) hierarchy of federated sites. Each individual site in thefederated hierarchy is a standard Siveillance VMS 300 or VMS 200 system, complete with management server, SQL Server, recording server(s), failover server(s) and a number of cameras. Once individual systems are added to a federated hierarchy, the individual systems appear as one complete system to administrators and users, while still being manageable as independent Siveillance VMS systems.Through the Federated Architecture, users have access to video, audio and other resources across the individual Siveillance VMS 200 & VMS 300 systems in the federated hierarchy based on their user rights in each individual system. In addition, administrators have the ability to centrally manage all systems within the hierarchy via remote access to the individual systems connected – again based on administration rights in the individual systems.

The Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture is a solution for large installations covering multiple buildings, campuses or an entire city. It provides large operations with unlimited scaling, flexibility and accessibility for more efficient, cost-effective video surveillance over multiple sites. There is no limit to the number of sites you can add to the federated hierarchy and you can define how you link them together.

VMS Interconnect

Siveillance VMS Interconnect is a unique system concept that allows the video management software products (VMS 50, 100, VMS 200 and VMS 300) to be interconnected with Siveillance VMS 300. This allows the design of a large-scale and geographically disperses video surveillance systems. Each independent surveillance system can be selected with the required functionality and price in mind, while still offering the benefits of a centralized surveillance system. Siveillance VMS Interconnect is in some aspects similar to the Siveillance VMS Federated Architecture; however the system architecture is different while also offering multiple features.