Siveillance VMS – VMS System Add-Ons

A powerful solution for small to medium deploymentsincluding more than 100 features and functions


  • Detects and stores license plate information

  • Links license plates with video 100+ countries and states supported

Monitoring Wall

The Siveillance VMS Monitoring Wall is an add-on solution that integrates seamlessly with the Siveillance VMS 200 & VMS 300 platform and the Video Client Viewer (The monitoring wall is not supported with the VMS 100)

The video wall uses standard servers and displays allowing you to configure the system freely(Included at no extra cost with the VMS 300)

It is easy to populate layouts by using the monitor wall builder, you have dynamic control of the layout and content is easily added by dragging and dropping cameras into the monitor views, rules can be set up to handle events and configure views to gain exceptional situational awareness.

Any combination of monitors in one video wall, any numbers of video walls in the system and any physical location of the video wall is possible


Transact video enables different types of transaction-based processes. It has a broad market applicability in sectors such as retail, transportation and banking & finance to reduce and investigate shrinkage and fraud. Combining transaction data from point of sales systems, scanners, cash point machines, or similar systems with corresponding video, Transact enables real-timemonitoring, exception handling and documentation of transactions.

Siveillance VMS & SiPass Integration (Access Control Module)

The ACM allows SiPass 2.65 to be integrated with the Siveillance VMS so that Siveillance VMS is the primary user interface. This module enables the user to efficiently react and respond to access control alarms, events and perform their daily actions through the Siveillance VMS Video Client.

This ACM plug-in facilitates the operation of the SiPass integrated with the Siveillance VMS by enabling solutions where the customer is looking to have ease of operations by combining access control with video for improved situationalawareness and ease of use through the Siveillance VMS Video Client.