Siveillance Viewpoint – PSIM redefined

Optimize your safety and security technology to create a complete picture, provide full control and master every incident.

Siemens enables security that means business by taking a completely new approach to Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). Offering the first solution which has removed complexity while fusing danger management and command & control functions for:

  • Fully georeferenced system intelligence

  • Advanced alarm correlation and workflows

  • Interactive visualization with Multi-View

Advanced alarm correlation – for the appropriate response

Subsystems are correlated intelligently to structure related messages:

  • The clearly structured user interface ensures efficient handling and helps minimize mistakes.

  • Overview of current situation at a glance: The leading message is linked automatically to technical information; changes are shown in a dedicated view.

  • Optimized SOPs derived from any event type and location

  • Dynamic, situation-specific adaptation of event type and escalation level.

Interactive visualization – less work for the user

Viewpoint Multi-View supports quick visual assessment of events.

  • Multi-View offers varied visual representation of graphics, video, and websites. There is no need to switch between different views on different Screens.

  • Affected structures (areas, rooms, etc.) are highlighted for faster situational awareness

  • Multiple event-related graphics can be displayed simultaneously.

  • Various different graphic layers

  • Dynamic zooming permits more detailed analysis of the situation.

Fully georeferenced system intelligence – for greater accuracy

The georeferenced data model increases system information content considerably.

  • Georeferenced data can be used as early as the engineering phase.

  • The objects are configured mostly automatically.

  • Detectors and elements of a discipline are automatically assigned to definable areas (rooms, floors).

  • Events are automatically correlated based on georeferencing.

Flexibility – for individual needs and durability

These Siveillance Viewpoint features ensure flexible adaptation to your security organization’s needs:

  • Modular and scalable software solution

  • Model-based software architecture

  • Open integration of subsystems

  • Dynamic SOPs

  • Flexible roles, user access rights and responsibilities

  • Graphics editor for fast modification of graphics

  • Template editor for customized reports and printouts

Cybersecurity by Design – for the best possible protection against cyber attacks

The comprehensive security concept is based on your security needs, ergo Cybersecurity by Design is a part of software development.

  • System hardening and penetration testing during each phase of the product development process

  • Certificate-based data exchange

  • LDAP-based authentication

  • Secure, encrypted communication (HTTPS, SSH)

Data maintenance made easy – for high data integrity

Efficient data import generates high-quality data, saving a substantial amount of time and money.

  • Maps and floor plans with device locations are automatically captured from AutoCAD drawings, thus eliminating errors due to manual entry

  • The collected data are linked and compared

  • The separate engineering system runs continuous consistency checks

  • Simple data updates and re-imports make changes to the system extremely easy.

Open architecture – for a future-proof system

Open Interface Services (OIS) support full connection of all subsystems.

  • One module integrates the subsystems

  • Powerful pre-processing of information is standard

  • Standard interfaces for cost-efficient operation

  • A software development kit (SDK) allows for individual integrations

  • Open architecture supports direct interaction between subsystems

  • No ripple effects even from changes to subcomponents of the system architecture.

Services, maintenance and remote services – for optimal performance

Ensure maximum functionality and performance thanks to proactive monitoring and remote services.

  • Event-specific services – remote or on site

  • Constant monitoring of system performance

  • Regular updates and upgrades to the software platform

  • Service and support: locally and globally

  • Service models customized to your needs.