Critical infrastructure

Our integrated security solutions are designed to support security management at critical infrastructure sites, such as airports, power utilities and life science facilities.


Critical infrastructure: Airports

Airports are vital gateways between cities and countries. With our security solutions we help airports deliver dynamic and flexible performance, convenience and resilience in order to operate seamlessly in routine as well as in emergency situations.

Power utilities

Critical infrastructure: power utilities

The commercial success of any power plant depends on its ability to manage operational risks and provide continuity of supply. We help reduce the risk of power supply disruption due to security breaches, and in the event of an incident, help limit damage and restore supply as quickly as possible.

Life science

Critical infrastructure: life science

The security challenges that need to be addressed in a life science facility need to consider many different angles. We provide a layered approach to life science security, identifying all the possible threats during a life science operation process, rather than looking at them in isolation.