Security solutions for corporate security customers

With an ever-changing economic, political and social environment, safety and security are becoming increasingly important for international organizations. They are no longer seen as stand-alone topics, but rather as an integral part of a business model, ensuring sustained growth and stability.

Along with increasing competitive pressures, budget constraints and legal obligations at the corporate level, global organizations need to find new and innovative ways of managing their safety and security issues.

Our solution

Siemens offers integrated solutions and services to support organizations in improving operational efficiency and business continuity. Corporate challenges are part of our core business.

Enterprise-wide security solutions from Siemens help mitigate risks, exposure and the costs associated with safety- and security-related business interruptions, allowing corporations to focus on their core business, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction – consistently, profitably and responsibly.

We work with corporations to establish the best way of achieving the centralized security vision. Our concept, supported by the technologies selected and the range of services offered, enables us to offer a step-by-step approach to centralizing corporate security.


  • Comprehensive consulting and services tailored to your individual corporate requirements

  • Highly reliable, customized safety and security solutions covering all safety and security needs

  • Enterprise-wide access control solutions for delivering risk management, security control and coordinated responses to evolving security challenges

  • Future-proof solutions, thanks to flexible integration and extension options

  • Integrated safety and security standards harmonizing all your locations throughout the globe