Time tracking: time recording and processing

Recording and processing

Work times can be recorded locally and evaluated centrally

Independent of work time model

The system can be used for monthly, flextime or shift schedules and also tracks vacation and sick days.

Schedule-based processing of information

End-to-end data creates transparency: The system not only supports planning and analysis but can transmit data to payroll systems.

Integration between SAP R/3 and SIPORT

The SAP-certified interface between SAP R/3 and SIPORT allows transmission of personnel data from SAP R/3 to SIPORT and time data from SIPORT to SAP R/3.

Easy implementation of individual settings

You can use programmable tools to implement and calculate your specific requirements (e.g. vacation rules, breaks, etc.) to get precisely the solution you need.

Web client/workflow module

This module allows users to access, enter and change work times from any location.