Software extensions

SIPORT modules for your individual requirements

SIPORT SCEM: ID card personalization

SIPORT can be extended using the MifareĀ® SIPORT smart card encoding module to personalize card chips. A Mifare read/write module is used to personalize Mifare chips (Mifare Classic, Mifare DESFireEv1) in ID cards.

This module can be integrated in the card printer. Mifare key management can be used for multiple keys and definable key sets. IDs with the following programmable features are especially secure: Random ID assignment permanently changes the uniform ID number (UID). Key diversification continually changes the encryption key derived from the master key.

SIPORT VAS: ID card creation

SIPORT has an integrated ID card creation system to produce, design, manage and personalize ISO ID cards. Special card printers personalize cards in a single operation.

SIPORT Display: Presence screen

The presence screen shows at glance who is present or absent as well as the current location of individuals.

SIPORT Graphic: Graphical site visualization

SIPORT Graphic can provide a real-time graphical representation of alarm situations, door and contact states or malfunctions. In case of an event, the site plans opens automatically, and a change in color visualizes the current situation.

SIPORT WebVisit: Internet-based visitor preregistration

SIPORT Web Visit is a web-based program that allows visitors to preregister over any PC connected to the Internet or intranet.

SIPORT Visit: Visitor management

SIPORT Visit is used to record visitor data and issue visitor IDs.

SIPORT Web Cardholder: Administration of cardholder data

SIPORT Web Cardholder is a web-based program to administer cardholder data.

SIPORT WebDoor: Door management

SIPORT WebDoor enables web-based control and monitoring of doors and displays status information, control functions and schedules.


This function can lock certain rooms for a limited time. It can be used in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent cross-contamination, for example.

Web Audit Trail

This application provides access to SIPORT master data via the web and is used to administer alarm books and logs.