SIPORT is secure, convenient and efficient and lets you take charge of access control.

New and unique ease of use

The intuitive user interface contributes to reliable operation. The new, intuitive homepage offers quick and easy access to every function of the system. SIPORT is now browser-independent and can be used just as easily on a tablet as a desktop. This makes SIPORT more flexible and convenient than ever before.

Secure user management

SIPORT can be used to assign individual authorizations for system operation and access to resources (e.g. computers, programs) and information (e.g. drives, SharePoints, intranet, extranet). With multiple login options, access is guaranteed to be secure.

Efficient master data management

Access rights can be changed in a matter of seconds. Real-time communication ensures that data is available immediately and that changes go into effect throughout the system without delay.

Easy management of access rights

SIPORT profile management makes access authorizations easy to create and assign. Existing profiles can be searched or sorted based on various criteria. This allows you to visualize which persons have access where and when.

Traceability of events and alarms

Automatic logging of alarms in various logs ensures traceability at any time. There are logs for authorized or denied accesses, attendance times, alarms, etc. The messages contained in these logs can be displayed and used for further processing.

Multiple tenant functionality

If a building houses several companies, you can use the same system for company-specific areas (such as offices) as well as common areas (such as the lobby, meeting rooms, cafeteria, etc.). With SIPORT, each tenant (e.g. company or department) manages their own data and receives only messages assigned to them (e.g. attendance, alarms). The other tenants cannot view data that belong to somebody else.

Multi-tenant functionality: different companies in the same building can use the same SIPORT system.