Extension modules

Integration with other systems

SIPORT can be integrated in danger management systems and in building management systems and supports the exchange of state information, messages and triggering of actions. Works in both directions.

DVR video management

SIPORT and video management go hand in hand. A full range of features can be taken directly from the SIPORT system, such as alarm output, alarm recording, assignment of images/videos to an alarm, recording playback, etc.

3D sensors to identify persons

3D sensors can count or single out persons. Persons remain anonymous to ensure no privacy issues arise.

Complex room reservations

In the self-service lobby, users can reserve rooms, create serial bookings, select seating options, order catering and much more. Real-time mode also allows ad-hoc room reservations.

Vehicle access control with license plate recognition

The Sicore ANPR camera system can uniquely identify vehicles and grant access.