Westgate Shopping City, Zagreb, Croatia

Total Building Solution for monumental shopping mall


Opened in 2009, Westgate Shopping City in Jablanovec on the outskirts of Zagreb is the largest shopping center in Croatia, with 226,000 square meters of gross floor area and 93,000 square meters of retail space. Visitors can choose from some 260 shops as well as 30 bars and restaurants. In addition, Westgate Shopping City is home to Croatia’s largest indoor amusement park for children. Of the 7250 parking spaces, 2250 are garage parking spaces.

Westgate Shopping City, Zagreb, Croatia


The operator wanted to ensure maximum comfort and safety, including reliable fire protection for the numerous customers and employees as well as energy-efficient operation of Westgate Shopping City. An integrated solution for this was sought. A particular challenge was the very tight time frame for the project.


Siemens convinced the operator with competence and good references as well as resources and on-site support. The integrated Total Building Solution was installed on time and includes the building management system Desigo Insight, the danger management system WinGuard SiControl, and the fire detection system Sigmasys Sinteso. The customer also entered into a service contract with Siemens.


The integrated Total Building Solution provides maximum safety and comfort to the user, staff, and property in the shopping center, with its high number of visitors and large number of employees. Building automation with Desigo enables energy-saving indoor lighting through intelligent energy management and special energy-saving features without compromising on comfort. WinGuard SiControl brings together many data sources into a comprehensive, efficient danger management system that always conveys to the users regardless of location all the essential information and functions for a smooth process. Finally, as a proven fire detection system, Sigmasys Sinteso provides optimal protection against fires and intrusion. On-site service from a competent source is also provided at Westgate Shopping City.


  • Desigo Insight building management system with 11,500 data points and 75 Desigo PXC automation stations

  • Danger management system WinGuard SiControl

  • Fire detection system Sigmasys Sinteso with 7500 smoke, heat, and fire detectors as well as 17 fire alarm panels