Airports in Venice and Treviso provide maximum security and safety


Reference Venices and Traviso airport

Covering a total surface area of over 60,000 square meters, the Marco Polo airport in Venice is a prestigious piece of architecture designed to serve some ten million passengers per year, making it Italy’s third largest airport. The airport’s design is cleverly integrated into the surroundings and features extensive wood furnishings, a clear reference to the ancient splendors of La Serenissima.


The customer, Save S.p.A., explicitly specified the use of modern, effective, and highly flexible technologies, which would retain their integrity well into the future. Siemens thereby had to take the individual needs and hierarchies of various system operators at different organizations into account. In addition, the system had to be able to clearly display all relevant information on the screens, and provide maximum support for component interaction. Following the events of 9/11, the system architecture was redefined to create a more feature oriented system designed to maximize security.


Siemens developed and supplied almost the entire security system, including the fire detection, gas detection, and automatic fire extinguishing systems, the access control and intrusion alarm technologies, as well as parts of the CCTV video surveillance system. The components are monitored by a MM8000 danger management system that, consisting of a server and four client stations, enables the visualization and interactive control of the entire airport security system. Fire detection functions are handled by the AlgoRex system. A high-performance SiPass solution is used as the access control system. Also, a video matrix with digital video recorders from the Sistore CX product range was set up to control the many CCTV cameras.


The Siemens infrastructure ensures a level of safety and security well above that stipulated by the Italian Ministry of Transport. Consequently, Siemens was also awarded the contract to supply all of the security systems for the new Treviso Canova airport, which is operated by a subsidiary of Save, Aer Tre S.p.A. The airport shares the entire security platform with Venice thanks to the Corporate Information Services - a first in Italy. Although the two airports are completely independent of each other in terms of system installations and operation, at certain times of day, and depending on organizational requirements, the entire system control can be switched from Treviso to Venice, for example, by simply logging into the MM8000 system in manual or automatic mode.