ThyssenKrupp, Essen, Germany

Sustainable, safe, and energy efficient with Total Building Solutions


The ThyssenKrupp Quartier in Essen is the new headquarters of the global company, featuring a distinctive architectural design and providing workspace for some 2,000 employees.

ThyssenKrupp, Essen, Germany


Sustainable use of resources: efficient use of energy; convenient workplaces; protection of people, data, and business processes from intrusion, theft, and fire.


The integrated overall concept includes Total Building Solutions for electrical and security technology as well as building automation. The security and building control center monitors the technical systems of the entire campus. The hazard management system coordinates 350 video cameras, 490 card readers, and the intrusion detection system with 2,750 intrusion detectors. The concept also includes a newly developed non-contact and video-based person identification and counting system as well as a fire alarm system including aspirating smoke detectors and voice-based alerting.

As part of Total Building Solutions the Green Building Monitor information system monitors the consumption data of the ThyssenKrupp headquarters, providing information for the consequent responsible use of resources. A specially developed operating concept individually controls the room functions via telephone.


Thanks to Total Building Solutions, the ThyssenKrupp headquarters building technology is managed by custom-tailored and easy-to-use systems that provide efficient access control and comprehensive protection, for example. Telephone operation is used to create optimal workplace conditions in every room. And, the Green Building Monitor ensures maximum energy efficiency.


Total Building Solutions with

  • Integrated security and building control center

  • Hazard management system

  • Intrusion system

  • Access control system

  • Fire alarm system

  • Energy management solution including Green Building Monitor

  • Innovative operating concept for more than 1,100 rooms