Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano, Switzerland

CSCS building complex with latest building automation, fire safety and security


The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is the national high-performance computing center of Switzerland and an autonomous unit of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich). Founded in 1991, CSCS develops and promotes technical and scientific services for the Swiss research community in the fields of high-performance computing. In March 2012, CSCS moved from Manno to its new location in Lugano-Cornaredo.

At CSCS, Siemens has supplied integrated data center solutions


In order to keep business running at maximum efficiency, data centers must be safe, secure and resilient. CSCS wanted to have a highly reliable system, being able to manage and control all the different subsystems. It was important to have a seamless integrated system due to the valuable contents of the building.


In such a supercomputer center, an integral fire safety and security concept is crucial to protecting critical data and ensuring maximum uptime. The installed solution comprises 11 IP cameras and 2 addressable 2-way devices with speakers and microphones, along with a SintesoTM FS2060 fire detection system including 430 fire detectors, 28 manual call point and 228 alarm indicators. In the event of evacuation, an integrated voice notification system comprising 250 loudspeakers and 62 strobe lights is activated. A DesigoTM Insight management station with over 4,000 data points and 21 controllers was installed to provide for simple, intuitive control of all building systems.


Due to all provided solutions and the use of natural resources like water from the Lake of Lugano to cool the supercomputers, CSCS has become one of the most energy-efficient and ecologically sustainable supercomputer centers in the world.

A decisive factor for the customer in choosing Siemens was the advantage of getting a complete solution – from system design and installation to project management and maintenance – from a single supplier. Siemens’ service technicians stationed in the Canton of Ticino simplified rapid handling of issues. This is crucial in a sensitive environment like the CSCS is in order to keep intervention times to an absolute minimum.

In addition to this, CSCS benefits from the wide range of Siemens know-how as the multinational technology partner combines years of engineering expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services, to provide integrated solutions especially designed for data centers.


Desigo Insight

  • Redundant control level for operating and control of all subsections based on Standard IT infrastructure

  • DI Redundancy: On falling out of the main server, after a short interruption time VM on a standby server will be started and takes over the full functionality of the productive server. An unplanned falling out will result in a break of 3 - 5 minutes. Planned interruptions (maintenance) will operate without any interrupt of the system.

  • Desigo PX: 21 controllers ca. 4,000 data points

  • Main part cooling service, additional heating and air conditioning

Sinteso fire detection system

  • Integrated via BACnet Standard gateway; Operation and supervision of the complete system; Interaction with Desigo system. e.g. switch on/off lighting groups

  • An area that was planned for ca. 120 detectors could be reduced to ca. 60 detectors

  • FS2060 central station, 430 detectors, 28 manual devices and 228 indicators

  • Titanus: Titanus aspiration per processor case prepared; total 828 outlets.

CCTV: SiNVR Solution

  • CCTV-GSA: SiNVR Server with 1 client receiver with integrated Intercom-software-client, 11 IP-cameras Axis, 2 external phone stations with IP-portrait camera


  • Control center with 4 power amplifiers, 250 loudspeakers, 62 flash lights

Highly redundant network infrastructure for all trades

  • Various VLAN for different departments