Stuttgart Public Library 21, Germany

Total Building Solutions for a distinctive new building


The Stuttgart Public Library on Mailänder Platz is a distinctive, 40-meter-high cube with some 20,000 m2 of gross floor space.

Stuttgart Public Library 21, Germany


Comprehensive, efficient, and reliable solutions for fire safety, security technology, power distribution, and lighting. The largely open floor plans without fireproof partitions represented a particular challenge for fire safety, since this design leads to two stacked extra-high smoke compartments in the center of the building.


Siemens fulfilled the requirements with integrated Total Building Solutions. In order to ensure fire safety according to standard DIN VDE 0833-2 Annex G, the sprinkler system is complemented by 800 smoke detectors. If these smoke detectors are triggered, the ventilation system is used to carry away the smoke. The various safety systems are connected to a Siemens control center around the clock.

Siemens also installed the entire medium- and low-voltage power distribution. The Totally Integrated Power (TIP) concept features perfectly coordinated products and systems as well as technical support in the planning phase.


Reliable fire safety. In case of a fire in the Stuttgart Public Library, the control center can coordinate the fire department and emergency services in a manner that is fast and targeted. Totally Integrated Power ensures a standardized and thus very efficient power distribution.


Total Building Solutions with

  • 800 smoke detectors for fire safety, 5 access control readers, 680 loudspeakers

  • 3,900 luminaires, 380 façade luminaires

  • Low-voltage switchgear assembly with 19 fields, 65 distribution boards, 200,000 m of power lines, 150,000 m of data lines, 28 cabinets for passive data network