PETNET Solutions in Lisses, France

Life science solution for PET radiopharmaceutical production site


PETNET Solutions is a distribution and logistics leader for PET radiopharmaceuticals in the US, South Korea, the UK and Spain. Its customers include hospitals, clinics and research facilities for PET imaging. One of the production sites is located in Lisses, near Paris.

PETNET Solutions in Lisses, France


PETNET Solutions required a building automation solution which enables monitoring of all technical and security equipment from any touchscreen PC in the building. The objective was to provide effective protection to people and property from radioactivity and comply with international regulations.


Siemens installed a Desigo Insight management station to control, monitor, assess and optimize all systems and processes. The comprehensive life science solution combined with Total Building Solutions integrates building comfort, lighting control, fire safety and security.


The life science solution ensures strict compliance with regulations and maximum safety for people, property and processes. The building can be fully managed from any one of the touch panels installed in various rooms, including critical environments. PETNET Solutions has the opportunity to view CCTV footage, unlock doors and monitor fire alarms, air quality and radioactivity levels from the panel. Thanks to the life science solution, the production plant runs reliably from 12 noon to 6 am and without any technical intervention.


Life science solution with

  • Desigo Insight management station

  • HVAC and flow rate control

  • Sinteso fire detection

  • SiPass access control

  • Intrunet SI series for intrusion detection

  • SISTORE CX video viewer

  • Compact Monitoring Technology (CMT)

  • Radioactivity meters
    Production monitoring