Organization and Information Technology of the City of Zurich (OIZ), Zurich, Switzerland

Total Building Solution for data center


As the information technology competence center of the City of Zurich, OIZ is responsible for the basic IT services of the Zurich municipal administration and interdepartmental IT projects. Since the fall of 2012, the main site with one of two new data centers and around 500 workstations has been in Zurich Albisrieden, with the two-center strategy ensuring reliability and availability even in the event of a natural disaster.

Organization and Information Technology of the City of Zurich (OIZ), Zurich, Switzerland


The new data center – certified according to TÜViT Level 3 as a “Trusted Site Infrastructure” – needed to meet the highest standards of security, availability, and energy efficiency.


For the Albisrieden site, Siemens designed a Total Building Solution with fully integrated, easy-to-use fire safety, security, and building automation and control systems. The safety and building management system Siseco CC (Siemens Security and Comfort Control Center) enables optimal monitoring and safe operation of all systems, from the intrusion and fire alarm system, to video monitoring to access control. The fast detection, alerting, and control in case of fire is provided by the integrated system Sinteso. In case of emergency, fire extinguishing stations from the Sinorix line suffocate fires quickly and reliably without causing damage to the equipment or polluting the environment. The intrusion control panel Guarto 3000 monitors the facility, including doors and the entire exterior façade. The building management system from the Desigo line contributes to the sustainability of the data center with its energy-efficient operation.


The single-source approach allowed for integrated design, planning, and implementation of the data center to meet the increasing safety and security requirements, and the data center now serves as a point of contact for all issues in ongoing operation. Uniform, intelligent, and intuitively designed user interfaces of the integrated systems increase clarity, facilitate event handling, and provide for ease of use. Combined with constant monitoring and control, the effective interaction of all components leads to significant energy savings, with simultaneous optimization of the indoor climate and operation.


Total Building Solutions with

  • Security and building management system Siseco CC

  • Sinteso fire alarm system

  • Sinorix fire extinguishing stations

  • Guarto 3000 intrusion control panel

  • Building automation and control system Desigo PX with more than 3000 physical data points