Orbis Medisch Centrum, Sittard, The Netherlands

Hospital solution keeps costs down and increases comfort


Orbis Medisch Centrum (OMC), Sittard, The Netherlands.
Spread over 130,000 square meters, with 425 single bed patient rooms and 2,000 employees, the Orbis Medisch Centrum is a hospital of superlatives.

Orbis Medisch Centrum hospital solution


An efficient hospital solution which guarantees a high standard of medical care and affordable costs.


Total Building Solutions make a decisive contribution to optimizing costs and a comfortable room climate. The HiMed Bedside Terminals give patients direct control of various room functions and allow attending doctors and nursing staff to access the patient’s digital medical records.

Within the framework of Total Building solutions, the Desigo building automation and control system enables sophisticated air-conditioning control and generates air flow that removes dust and bacteria from the air in operating rooms.

As part of the hospital solution, a customized MM8000 danger management system monitors all functions critical to safety. A wireless RFID locating system guarantees the safety of patients in the hospital while also protecting valuable inventory from being stolen.

Orbis Medisch Centrum hospital solution


Total Building Solutions saves money. As process manager Max Wellens says: “We have reached our goal of operating the hospital more efficiently with less staff while at the same time increasing the level of patient comfort.”


Total Building Solutions in the hospital:

  • Patient terminals and electronic medical records

  • Monitoring of medical devices and patients via RFID chips

  • Fire protection system with fire detection, evacuation and extinguishing

  • Access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance

  • Danger Management System

  • Building automation and control