Mario Negri Institute, Milan, Italy

Integrated life science solutions for the new headquarters


Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri, an Italian nonprofit organization dedicated to researching diseases and developing new medications

Mario Negri Institute, Milan, Italy


The best environmental conditions are required for long-term research success in the life sciences. In addition to conformity with regulations, the requirements for the building solution for the headquarters of the Mario Negri Institute also included efficiency in energy use, processes, and work sequences; safety and security of people, fixed assets, and data; and the best possible indoor climate conditions.


Together with Termingas and the exclusive partner Telmotor, Siemens implemented a future-oriented Total Building Solution at the Mario Negri Institute. The mechanical and electrical systems, as well as the safety and security equipment, were integrated into the building automation system. In addition to regulating the temperature, air pressure, and humidity of the indoor climate, Total Building Solutions include systems for controlling the power distribution, the heat/air coupling plant, the lighting, the cold and hot water treatment, and the fire safety system. Access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems were also included.


The solution ensures energy efficiency, safety and security, conformity with regulations, and an optimal indoor climate. Long-term investment protection is provided, since the integrated life science solutions are flexible and scalable. In the implementation of the project, speed and efficiency were increased through the reliance on just one contact.


  • Higher-level Desigo building automation system with 6,400 data points

  • Desigo Insight 2.3 with four clients

  • More than 900 Desigo RX controllers

  • More than 50 Desigo PX controllers

  • Integrated fire safety system

  • Integrated power distribution systems

  • Independent MM8000 safety and security management system with two workstations