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The Leela Palace in New Delhi, India

The Leela Palace – building automation, fire safety and security


The Leela Palace in New Delhi, India

The 16 floor, five-star luxury hotel, the Leela Palace in New Delhi, opened in April 2011 and is owned and managed by Hotel Leela Venture Limited. Located in the diplomatic enclave area of New Delhi, the hotel has 260 guest rooms, several restaurants offering Royal Indian, Modern Japanese, French and Italian gourmet cuisine, and an exclusive spa.


The Leela Palace in New Delhi wanted its guests and employees to feel safe and secure throughout the hotel, but without creating an oppressive atmosphere. For the building automation, fire safety and security system, the Leela Palace wanted a reliable, resilient and proven system, and full compliance with local regulations.


The hotel was provided with an intelligent building management system which integrated a wide range of disciplines, from the fire alarm systems and video surveillance to HVAC control and electrical monitoring. Siemens installed a Desigo™ building automation and control system with more than 3,400 data points, 4 system interfaces and 108 direct digital controllers. The security system comprises 235 cameras along with a fire safety system with more than 945 smoke detectors and 715 heat detectors. In the event of evacuation, the integrated voice notification system using 1,040 loudspeakers is brought into action.


All disciplines are integrated to make the hotel safer, more secure, comfortable and efficient.

The system from Siemens integrates the various areas of the hotel infrastructure, enabling hotel owners and operators to achieve significant savings on installation, operating and maintenance costs throughout the whole life cycle of the hotel building. The integrated, customized energy efficiency solutions deliver measurable return on investment - reducing energy usage without compromising guests’ comfort. The technologies are reliable and flexible enough to cope with the sometimes extreme temperature differences and humidity in the Leela Palace New Delhi. It has enabled the Leela Palace New Delhi to reduce its energy consumption by 10 % over 12 months.


  • Desigo building automation and control system

  • 3,413 data points

  • 4 system interface controllers

  • 108 direct digital controllers (DDC)

  • Air handling unit/ treated fresh air unit – 69 Nos.

  • Ventilation fans – 162 Nos.

  • Electrical system (DG set , LT panel, HT panel, elevators)

  • Integrated fire detection & voice evacuation system

  • 17 loop intelligent fire alarm control panels

  • 945 smoke detectors

  • 715 heat detectors

  • 1,040 speakers

  • Video surveillance system

  • 235 cameras

  • 14 Layer - 2 Switch

  • 1 Layer - 3 Switch