Government Buildings Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany

Security technology and fire detection


The government site of Brandenburg located in Potsdam includes 20 government buildings, which consist of several ministries, the state library and the state chancellery.

Government Buildings Brandenburg, Potsdam, Germany


In the 1990ies several fire alarm, intrusion detection and door intercom systems were installed at the government site Heinrich-Mann-Allee 107, but an overarching  danger management system was missing. Security managers weren't able to record activities or emergency radio communications and couldn't retrace alarm signals. As a consequence, there were many false alarms and maintenance and service costs increased. The customer required to modernize the fire protection and security installations of 20 government buildings and charged Siemens with developing a completely new fire protection and security system.


Siemens installed new fire detectors, fire detection and monitoring panels as well as a alarm sirens, ensuring that there weren't any false alarms anymore. To supplement and expand the comprehensive fire system, state-of-the art Siemens security portfolio elements such as intrusion detection systems, access control and video surveillance systems were installed. At the heart of the new fire protection and security technology is the danger management system 'GMA-Manager', which connects all of the various systems to form a single overall solution. Thus all of the information from the building security systems is fused into a single integration platform and can be monitored and controlled centrally by information and command center security staff members. In case of an emergency, this ensures fast reaction times as well as  controlled and secure operations. "We would like to thank Siemens for the excellent teamwork and especially for installing the system without interrupting our daily work" says Volker Bargfrede, Managing Director of BLB, responsible for managing the entire state's federal buildings.


The new security technology allows the employees to obtain all of the required information quickly from a central location and enables more efficient and cost-reducing monitoring and controlling. Siemens thus ensures legal and regulatory compliance and guarantees long-term business continuity. Furthermore, the central monitoring and controlling of various systems enables operators to gain a comprehensive overview of the whole site, dangerous situations can be detected early on and counter-measures can be launched quickly and preemptively.
 "The safety and security systems are a crucial next step on the way to a cost-transparent and efficient management of our property", says Volker Bargfrede, Managing Director of government facility operator BLB. "For our employees the working processes were significantly optimized, so we can react faster and even more customer-oriented."


  • Fire alarm and intrusion detection system

  • Danger alarm system manager (GMA-Manager)

  • Monitoring and controlling of all 20 buildings on one single site