Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria

Intelligent HVAC technology connects the arts and sciences


Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria – a high-tech life sciences museum

Ars Electronica Center in Linz building systems


The building systems for control and safety technology were also to be extended and upgraded as part of the museum’s renovation and expansion.


Intelligent control of the HVAC technology is carried out via 13 controllers. A link to a central operating station ensures the highest degree of system flexibility. The lighting can be switched on and off using 160 lighting circuits. DALI light controllers allow lighting to be adjusted based on the desired scenario. Siemens also implemented preventive fire safety and security technology using a video technology system and a Variodyn D1 electrical sound system.


The installations and performances were enhanced with an energy- and cost-efficient technical “stage set” with integrated HVAC equipment, fire safety and modern security technology.


  • HVAC technology, 13 controllers, central operating station

  • Air conditioning, 120 floor convectors, 110 fan coils

  • Weather station

  • 80 facade elements

  • Lighting control based on LON technology, 160 lighting circuits, scenarios controlled via DALI controllers

  • Sigmasys-M fire detection system, 650 fire detectors, radio smoke detectors

  • Handicapped-accessible alarming system

  • Handicapped-accessible emergency call stations in toilets

  • SiNVR IP video control center, 19 color cameras, client station, sequence monitors

  • Variodyn D1 electrical sound system, 150 loudspeakers