Segantini Museum, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Laser measurement system protects valuable artwork


The Segantini Museum is home to the works of the Austrian artist Giovanni Segantini. It is a sort of “walkable memorial” to the artist. Opened nine years after his death in 1899, it exhibits some 50 of Segantini’s works from all periods of creation, along with photographs.

Segantini Museum, St. Moritz, Switzerland


The paintings of Giovanni Segantini are among the most valuable Swiss artworks – including the world famous “Alpine Triptych.” In order to protect it from the carelessness of the approx. 30,000 visitors who visit the museum each year, those responsible for the museum rely on specially designed and discreet proximity protection from Siemens.


Where previously only a simple cord stand was used to protect the work of art, an advanced technical solution now provides perfect protection. A laser measuring system (LMS) is integrated in the circumferential skirting board, which houses systems such as the ventilation. Through a narrow slot – making it almost invisible – this system measures the environment in two-dimensional polar coordinates. If someone comes too close to a painting, the person is made aware of this by a subtle but definite buzz. If he or she unexpectedly remains in the protected area, the police are automatically alerted.


Since the staff cannot stay near the artwork at all times, the new solution is also very convenient for them: They can hear the warning tone and take a quick glance at what is happening on the video monitors.
The narrow slits are also protected from contamination by Plexiglas – which is not a problem for the LMS, since it is able to detect even through glass.


  • Secure and reliable protection of the artwork

  • Protective barrier is almost invisible

  • Automatic alerting of the police if the protected area unexpectedly continues to be occupied

  • Museum visitors do not feel impaired or distracted by the cord while looking at the work of art