Digital Realty's rapid deployment data centers

Siemens supplies the highly critical electrical system


Digital Realty realizes data centers for its clients all over the world. With the demand for data centers growing at an unprecedented rate, Digital Realty is constantly looking for ways to bring new capacity online faster while ensuring energy efficiency, reliability and its industry-leading uptime. A development from Digital Realty is POD Architecture (POD) for new data center construction projects. POD borrows ideas from just-in-time manufacturing and modular construction practices.


Through POD, construction of one of the most critical components - the data center's electrical system - is completed away from the building site. Electrical rooms are assembled in a controlled, factory environment and shipped to the construction site on a flatbed truck. The equipment is built within a standard metal frame and pre-wired for easy installation. Digital Realty selected Siemens to help turn the POD vision into a reality.


Siemens worked with electrical integrator JDC Power Systems, Inc. to develop the pre-assembled electrical rooms. The final design called for all equipment to be mounted on a metal frame - measuring 20 feet wide by 40 feet long and 3 feet tall - that can be slipped under the raised floor of the data center computer room. In addition to this POD solution, Siemens also supplies Fire Detection and Lifecycle Services to Digital Realty.


Using the POD electrical system design, Digital Realty has decreased production time of its rapid projects by over 30%. "During our successful collaboration with Siemens over the past few years, we cut down our typical deployment time from 179 to around 80 days," says Steve Kundich, Senior Vice President of Global Design for Digital Realty.


The following equipment from Siemens powers the data center's servers and all the systems that make it an operable site such as lighting, fire systems, and security cameras and scanners:

  • Low voltage panel boards, switchboards, and breakers

  • Distribution transformers

  • 38kV GM38 non-arc-resistant air-insulated outdoor switchgear

  • 15kV GM-SG non-arc-resistant air-insulated outdoor switchgear

  • Low- and medium-voltage protective relays