Atos Data Center, Livingston, UK


When corporations place their trust in Atos, a global leader in IT services, they also place their trust in its data centers. With four data centers strategically located throughout the United Kingdom, Atos is responsible for ensuring the security, reliability, and continuity of its customers' critical business information and resources.


To improve its own operations to meet future growth, Atos focused on adopting the highest standards in data center management. Atos required a state-of-the-art data center information management (DCIM). The solution needed to meet three key requirements. First, it wanted to streamline management and the decision-making process. Atos required a single, holistic view of its data centers' IT and facilities infrastructure to enhance everything from one workstation. Second, Atos wanted to improve its asset management capabilities. Through better reporting and the ability to do "what if" modeling of infrastructure, they are able to respond more quickly to customer needs. The third key driver for Atos was better information on power consumption. Armed with detailed, rack-specific consumption data, Atos wanted to increase overall energy efficiency, reducing utility costs for all its customers.


To meet its needs, Atos turned to Siemens and its Datacenter Clarity LC™ DCIM solution. Datacenter Clarity LC provides Atos the advanced monitoring and management solutions it needs to meet key goals for its data centers, including:

  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption at the rack-level - Datacenter Clarity LC provides Atos detailed power usage information delivered via dashboard and regular reporting. With a better view of its power consumption, Atos can take steps to increase efficiency, reducing energy costs for its customers.

  • Billing reports generated from detailed rack readings - Atos can provide more accurate and auditable invoices for its customers. Generating more than 7 million power readings per month, Datacenter Clarity LC increases billing transparency and customer trust.

  • Advanced, 3D modeling - The 3D modeling feature in Datacenter Clarity LC offers Atos' engineers an intuitive interface to view assets, helping to identify possible points of failure and ensuring the highest levels of uptime and reliability for its customers.

  • "What if" installation planning - Using the 3D modeling, Atos has a more efficient and effective way to conduct change management and ensure its assets can support customer needs for capacity.

  • Remote monitoring capabilities - Datacenter Clarity LC can be accessed from any Atos workstation globally, giving the management team the agility and flexibility they need to ensure uptime and address customer issues.

Atos implemented Datacenter Clarity LC at its first data center in late 2014. One of four Atos sites in the U.K., it provides fully managed IT services to clients across a range of industries and has a capacity of 490 racks and 960kW.


Datacenter Clarity LC has already helped Atos achieve a number of its key objectives for the project. The team now has one clear view of the data center. They can see everything from mechanical and electrical infrastructure to IT assets, all on one screen.
The system is also generating more accurate billing reports for its customers. Whereas past billing was determined by one monthly reading for the site, current invoices are informed by real-time monitoring at the rack-level, generating millions of data points and providing greater transparency in billing.

With more accurate, real-time monitoring of assets and power consumption, Atos expects that Datacenter Clarity LC will support its company-wide efforts to improve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in order to reduce power consumption. This saving can be passed directly on to Atos' end-customers.


  • Real-time monitoring of power consumption at the rack-level

  • Billing reports generated from detailed rack readings

  • Advanced, 3D modeling

  • "What if" installation planning

  • Remote monitoring capabilities