Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Building Management for Atlantis The Palm


The Atlantis The Palm hotel complex, with more than 1,500 guest rooms, is located on the Palm island of Jumeirah in Dubai. The complex occupies 46 hectares of total space.

Atlantis The Palm Hotel, Dubai, UAE


The hotel needed a comprehensive building management system with an integrated security system.


The building management system, including the Desigo building automation system, enables end-to-end monitoring and control of the hotel, conference center, retail shops, and water park – from the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning to the security equipment, such as the SiPass access control system.

All Desigo PX BACnet DDC controllers are connected with the IT infrastructure of the buildings. The information is forwarded to the management station via the building LAN. The hotel management system is linked with the building automation system via an interface, allowing the room temperature to be controlled according to room occupancy, for example, to save energy. Desigo relays all critical alarms to the responsible personnel via SMS so that measures can be taken quickly and efficiently.


Having all information accessible over the network at all times increases flexibility and facilitates troubleshooting at Atlantis The Palm. Thanks to the integration of the building management and security systems such as the access control system, a wide range of elements can be monitored and controlled in the event of an emergency.


Building management with Desigo:

  • More than 120 Desigo PX BACnet DDC controllers with 22,000 data points, including the integration of third-party systems

  • A management station with trend features, access protection, a pop-up alarm window, and a log viewer

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system:

  • 160 air-handling units

  • 2,200 air circulators

  • 400 boxes for variable volume flow

  • 100 supply and exhaust air fans

  • 120 cooling and drinking water pumps

  • 70 heat exchangers

SiPass access control system with video surveillance, intercoms, intrusion technology, and a key management system.