Katschberg Road Tunnel, Kärtnen, Austria

Video surveillance increases tunnel safety


Austria’s Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft (Asfinag) operates the six kilometer long Katschberg Tunnel. The two tubes of the Katschberg Tunnel form one of the most important Alpine links between northern and southern Europe.



During construction of the second tube, Asfinag required the highest degree of tunnel safety. One measure to increase tunnel safety was the installation of video surveillance equipment. In the event of an accident or fire the control room and security personnel need to be able to respond quickly.



One of the world’s largest real-time Siveillance tunnel systems was installed in the Katschberg Tunnel. Enhanced tunnel safety is provided by 160 cameras, including 18 high-speed cameras featuring 360 degrees rotation and 12-stage zoom. In the Katschberg Tunnel video sensors with detection and traffic algorithms independently recognize hazardous situations such as traffic jams, wrong-way drivers or fires. The alarm is triggered automatically at the control center.


The closed-circuit video surveillance system enhances tunnel safety and reduces control center workload because an alarm is triggered automatically in dangerous situations and the relevant pictures are displayed on the monitors. Rescue services, police, and fire department are informed automatically and in an emergency the Katschberg Tunnel is closed to traffic.


  • Redundant transmission ensures a reliable image feed

  • 25 images per second with full resolution transmitted in MPEG4 format

  • 40 digital image storage units (Sistore CX8) with 160 hard-disks (total capacity 36 terabytes)

  • RAID storage system for maximum data availability

  • Recognition of hazardous situations within 5 to 8 seconds in both traffic directions

  • Increased tunnel safety