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Public Transport Museum in the Hague, the Netherlands

The Hague Public Transport Museum – fire detection


Reference: The Hague Public Transport Museum Netherlands

The Hague Public Transport Museum (Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum - HOVM) is housed in the old tram depot named 'Remise Frans Halsstraat'. The depot, built in 1906, is on the national list of historical buildings and was renovated in 1990. A collection of historical trams and buses keeps the memory of public transport in the Hague alive. Today, the museum also functions as an event and conference center which made a reliable and tailored fire safety installation even more important.


The historical building, the particular roof construction, the vents in the roof, and the many indoor 'obstacles' made the installation of a fire detection system difficult.


In March 2010, our Solution Partner started with the installation of the fire safety system. The powerful Cerberus PRO fire control panel FC722 ensures comprehensive safety and combines high security standards with latest technology. For a fast and reliable detection of all types of fire, 60 smoke detectors, and multi-sensor fire detectors have been installed.


  • Cost-efficient solution - thanks to short installation time, minimal cabling, and minimal operating costs

  • Cerberus PRO portfolio - reliable, high-quality products EN 54-approved

  • Tailor-made solution respecting the building-specific conditions of the museum

  • Efficient cooperation thanks to a successful partnership to ensure a timely hand-over


  • 60 Cerberus PRO smoke and multi-sensor fire detectors (OP720 and OH720)

  • 1 Cerberus PRO fire control panel FC722