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Polish Maritime Museum Gdańsk, Poland

Reliable fire safety at the Polish Maritime Museum


The Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk is the largest museum of its kind in Poland. The main building, the Granaries on Ołowianka Island, was built in the late Middle Ages. Moreover, the museum consists of other port facilities such as the Gdańsk Crane, a Maritime Culture Center and the vessel S.S. Sołdek. The museum hosts extensive exhibitions of original historical objects, stored on both a permanent and temporary basis, and has thousands of visitors each year.

Polish Maritime Museum Gdańsk, Poland


To ensure maximum protection of the visitors, the irreplaceable historical objects and the unique building structure, the museum wanted to replace its 15 years old fire alarm system. The installation had to be completed in a short period of time in order to avoid interruptions of normal museum operations.


Cerberus™ PRO proved to be the perfect choice for the museum. Linear smoke detectors were installed as the main solution to secure the two-level exhibition halls and the atriums. To ensure fast and safe evacuation of people, the exhibition halls were further equipped with loop-powered sounder beacons.


  • Cerberus PRO portfolio – reliable, high-quality products from Siemens

  • Linear smoke detectors – ideal for large open spaces with high ceilings

  • Loop-powered sounder beacons – easy installation and low cabling and labor costs

  • Reduced working time on site due to the auto-configuration feature and possibility of off-site programming


  • 1 FC724-ZA control panel

  • 30 FDL241-9 linear smoke detectors

  • 29 FDS229-R alarm sounder beacons

  • 268 OP720 smoke detectors

  • 20 FDAI91 alarm indicators

  • 43 FDM221 manual call points