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Extinguishing solution for Polcom data center in Skawina, Poland


The Polcom data center in Skawina, Poland, is one of the most modern data processing centers in
Europe, offering advanced integration services and cloud computing services.

Polcom data center in Skawina


Polcom data center needed an absolutely reliable extinguishing system. Data centers are highly demanding environments with various risks of potential ignition. In addition, malfunctions can occur in hard disk drives (HDDs) during a dry extinguishing process, due to the high noise level generated by conventional extinguishing systems during the discharge process.


The Siemens Solution Partner SUPOBER installed the Sinorix™ Silent Extinguishing Technology with the Sinorix Silent Nozzle. The extinguishing agent can be distributed evenly into the protected area and it also keeps the noise level during a discharge below the level that has been found to pose a risk to HDDs.


  • safe and quiet extinguishing

  • Sinorix Silent Nozzle reduces the noise level during a discharge

  • customer's data is safe, even in case of a fire


Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology with Sinorix Silent Nozzle and Sinorix CDT