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Neues Museum, Berlin, Germany

Building and safety technology for Berlin’s Neues Museum


Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the larger Berlin Museum Island complex, Berlin’s Neues Museum is part of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. Restoration costs were borne by the Federal Government.

Berlin’s Neues Museum building and safety systems


High-quality building and safety systems for the protection of the valuable displays.


The Sigmasys Sinteso fire detection system complies with the DIN EN 54 and DIN 14675 standards. If a fire alarm occurs, the control panel for electro-acoustic systems (ELA), elevator controls, ventilation systems and mechanical smoke exhaust fans, smoke and heat removal equipment and detectors as well as sun protection units are activated via potential-free contacts.

At the Neues Museum Berlin a CIC 3000 intrusion detection system (EMA) with bus technology provides even more security. Monitoring is carried out by magnetic contacts, penetration monitoring, motion detectors, laser scanners, and showcase sensors. An electro-acoustic public address system in the Neues Museum Berlin also makes PA announcements possible in dangerous situations. Siemens also installed and integrated a video surveillance system and connected the safety technology to the higher-level danger management system of the Museum Island complex.

In addition to safety technology, products within the comprehensive Totally Integrated Power (TIP) portfolio ensure safe and reliable distribution of energy. The phone/data network is also supplied by Siemens.

Neues Museum Berlin


The building and safety technology at the Neues Museum, which also includes the fire and intrusion detection systems, are capable of meeting to the most severe demands imaginable for security and reliable energy distribution.


Building and safety technology from Siemens

  • Sigmasys Sinteso fire detection system
    - 250 automatic and 50 manual call points
    - 30 radio-operated smoke detectors
    - 62 aspirating smoke detectors

  • CIC 3000 intrusion detection system

  • Variodyn D1 electrical sound system
    - 450 loudspeakers

  • Category 6 phone and data network

  • Totally Integrated Power (TIP) including 10 kV energy supply ring, GEAFOL transformers and low-voltage switchgear