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State-of-the-Art Modular Data Center – Barcelona, Spain


Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, is a global leader in providing cutting-edge technologies for critical infrastructure. Its innovative solutions for data centers maximize availability, capacity and efficiency, helping its customers improve operations, reduce operating costs and increase their competitive advantage. For Emerson Network Power, innovation and efficiency are central to serving the data center market. As the global demand for data storage continues to grow exponentially, the ability to rapidly deliver reliable, energy-efficient infrastructure is more important than ever. Forward-thinking solutions and the highest level of service are critical factors for success.

Modular Data Center – Barcelona, Spain


Emerson Network Power required a partner to provide low voltage power distribution equipment and fire safety systems for integration at its Integrated Modular Solutions facility in Zagreb, Croatia and at the final data center location in Barcelona, Spain. The ideal partner needed to provide technology and engineering that could meet Emerson Network Power’s high standards for innovation and efficiency.


Siemens offered a perfect fit for Emerson Network Power and its customer’s state-of-the-art data center. Its comprehensive low voltage equipment portfolio, innovative fire safety systems and global expertise in data center solutions perfectly complimented the capabilities of Emerson Network Power. The two organizations began collaborating on the project in November 2012. The design stage was critical. Engineers from Siemens and Emerson Network Power worked closely to ensure that the complete power system was tightly integrated in order to deliver maximum availability. Engineers also focused on guaranteeing that both power and fire safety systems would be properly installed within the exact specifications of each of the 38 modular units. With the scheduled launch date of the data center rapidly approaching, the project needed to be designed down to the smallest detail. Once the design stage was complete, Siemens went forward with the delivery of the distribution and fire systems. The comprehensive solution from Siemens includes systems that provide the level of performance Emerson Network Power needs to ensure maximum efficiency and uptime.


Reliable systems for energy management as well as highest safety against any fire damage and interruption of sensitive IT processes.


Low Voltage Switchgear

  • Siemens' power distribution solution utilizes its Sivacon S8 and S4 low voltage distribution boards and transformers. The system offers safe, simple and consistent distribution of power and covers up to 36 different possible short circuit currents. Each panel is designed to work seamlessly with Emerson Network Power’s Chloride® UPS systems in various situations, including bypass and inverter mode.


  • Sivacon busbar from Siemens provides safe power flow throughout the data center. Given the compact and energy-intensive environment, busbar was an ideal solution for the facility. It requires much less space than traditional cable wiring and is less combustible, making it a safer choice. Additionally, busbar can more easily tap-off feeds, simplifying the installation process for a modular facility.

Fire Detection

  • Siemens aspirating smoke detection devices are deployed in each of the 38 modules. Given the amount of cooling required in a data center, airflow can block the path of smoke to a traditional fire detection device. An aspirating device uses blue and infrared wavelengths to detect the smallest airborne particles produced in the first stages of overheating and offers the most reliable and earliest detection available; critical for protecting costly IT equipment.

Fire Suppression

  • For fire suppression, Emerson Network Power relies on Siemens’ environment-friendly synthetic agent, Sinorix 1230. Since it requires only low pressure to be dispersed, Sinorix 1230 can work with smaller piping and pressure release flaps, and is well suited for a compact, modular facility. Sinorix 1230 is also harmless to people and physical assets, helping ensure business continuity in the event of a release.