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Mercedes Benz Türk A.S., Aksaray, Turkey

Fire safety system with Cerberus PRO


Mercedes Benz Türk A.S. is one of the largest industrial companies in Turkey. With a production capacity of more than 14,000 trucks per year, the company holds a 33.4 percent market share of the domestic truck market. Since 2001, Mercedes Benz Türk A.S. exports trucks into Central and Eastern European countries. The size of the company site in Turkey is about 560,000 m2 with buildings covering 80,000 m2.

Mercedes Benz Türk A.S. manufacturing site in Aksaray, Turkey


The manufacturing site of Mercedes Benz Turk A.S. consists of 13 buildings, each built by a different company. As a result, each building had its own fire detection system installed by a different contractor. Some systems were addressable and others were collective. The customer wanted to harmonize its fire protection, as it became too difficult and expensive to maintain the different fire protection systems. Moreover, the conventional detectors were often triggering a false alarm because of deceptive phenomena.


With Cerberus™ PRO, the Siemens Solution Partner NCS Fire Alarm and Security Systems Ltd. Sti. was able to offer Mercedes Benz Turk A.S. a highly reliable fire protection system.

All buildings were equipped with the suitable Cerberus PRO detectors and control panels. The solution includes 13 FC724 fire control panels, more than 1,500 fire detectors, special detectors and manual call points as well as special devices for explosion hazard areas. In addition, the subsystems were integrated into a danger management system from Siemens for centralized operation and monitoring.


The customer received a highly reliable fire protection system that covers all environmental conditions on the premises ‒ thus eliminating costly and time-consuming downtimes due to false alarms.  The Siemens Solution Partner NCS Fire Alarm and Security Systems Ltd. Sti. benefited from easy planning and commissioning as well as helpful tools like the line tester for smooth testing or the Cerberus-Engineering-Tool for auto-configuration.


  • 13 FC724 fire control panels

  • 1497 OP720 smoke detectors

  • 15 HI720 heat detectors

  • 36 FDL241-9 linear smoke detectors

  • 139 FDME223 manual call points

  • 139 AGN24.6 alarm devices