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Lisbon Airport, Lisbon, Portugal

Sinteso reports fire hazards early and on a foolproof basis


Lisbon Airport is one of the largest international airports in Southern Europe and an important European transport hub.

Lisbon Airport, Lisbon, Portugal


In addition to comfort, the safety of passengers is crucial for the operation of airports. Hazards must be identified as early as possible and reliably eliminated. To increase the safety of passengers, employees, and property, the fire detection systems of Lisbon Airport were to be modernized. Interruptions of the smooth 24-hour operation of Lisbon Airport for passengers and employees during the installation were to be minimized, and airport security needed to be preserved in particular.


Siemens replaced the outdated fire detection systems of the airport with the latest generation of Sinteso fire detection systems with innovative safety features such as the ASAtechnology (Advanced Signal Analysis). The flexibility of Sinteso made it possible to carry out the modernization in stages. The project also included the migration of the danger management system to the MM8000 danger management station with flexible client-server architecture.


State-of-the-art fire detectors increase safety for passengers, employees, and property. The signal analysis process used by the fire detectors with ASAtechnology is extremely reliable in preventing false alarms due to deceptive phenomena such as exhaust fumes, dust, or steam. Flexible installation in stages minimizes adverse effects for airport security and operation. The MM8000 danger management station manages and monitors the various safety-related systems of the airport centrally and features outstanding user menus.


- Sinteso fire detection system with

  • 3 fire control panels

  • 2500 fire detectors

  • 200 state-of-the-art multi-sensor detectors that detect smoke and heat as well as harmful carbon monoxide

- Migration of the danger management system to the MM8000 danger management station